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How to get free bitcoins fast – Earn Bitcoin Online 2017

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1. What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work ?

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Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to-peer currency that is controlled and powered by its users without any middleman or agency. Bitcoin is invented by a Software Developer Known as Satoshi Nakamoto and with the help of Bitcoin you can transfer money anywhere in the world instantly and with Less Transaction Fees.

The Digital Currency Bitcoin can also be used to buy products and services online without any hassles and You Just need a Bitcoin wallet to Send and Receive Payments with the help of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Network is opreated by Blockchain Network(A Open Ledger) that helps you to keep record of your all transactions.

If you want to this digital currency, Firstly you need to create a bitcoin account and after that you will get a Bitcoin address that you can use to receive payments from other clients and you can also send Bitcoin payments to other people.

2. Why Should You Choose Bitcoin ?

1. Decentralized Currency 

Bitcoin Network is not controlled by any government or organisation So it Means that No one can Hold your Btc without your Permission and you are fully independent to send your bitcoin to anyone in the world.

2. Easy to Use 

It’s easy to Create a Bitcoin Wallet as Compare to Opening a Bank account in Conventional Banks. You just need to Fill some basic information and your bitcoin wallet is ready and the process doesn’t takes more than 10 Minutes.

3. Transparent & Anonymous

You can make hundreds of Bitcoin Transactions in a Day without Disclosing your Personal Details Because Bitcoin Addresses are not Linked with your Name, E-mail Address or any other Personal Information.

4. Less Transaction Fees

Banks may takes upto 10$ transaction fees for international transfers, but with the help of bitcoin you can send payments anywhere in the world with just a fees of less than 1$.

5. Fast & Non-Reversable Payments

Bitcoin Transactions are Fast and Non-Reversable Unless the Person Who Received the bitcoin would return it.

6. Fastest Growing Currency 

Bitcoin is the Fastest Growing Currency as compare to other currencies like USD, Pound etc. Recently, A Bitcoin is traded for 2700$ and also it has been increased from 700$ to 2700$ in a Short Period.

3. How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet ?

A Wallet is Place Where you Send, Store and Receive your Bitcoins. There are Mainly Two Types of Bitcoin Wallets- Software Wallet and Web Wallet. A Software Wallet is one that you Installed on your Computer or Android Phone. A Web Wallet is one that is created with the help of a Bitcoin Wallet Provider. Basically, Most of the Users Use Web Wallet Because Its Easy to Manage a Web Wallet as compare to Software Wallets. So, Today I will show you some steps to Create a Web Wallet in Seconds. Let’s Follow the Below Steps in Order to Create a Web Wallet :-

1. Choosing a Wallet Provider –

The Most Important Step is to Choose the Best Web Wallet Provider Because There are Plenty of Web Wallets that Claims to be Safe and Secure. Some of the Popular Wallets are BlockchainCoinbase, and Xapo. Blockchain Web Wallet is Best Wallet as Compare to Other Online Wallets. So In this Guide, I will show you the Process of Creating a Wallet with Blockchain.

2. Creating a Web Wallet 

Now Here Comes the Main Part Where You will Learn How to Create an Online Wallet to Store Bitcoins. Follow the Below Steps in Order to Create a Web Wallet –

 1- Click here to Go to the Blockchain Wallet Provider Website.

 2 –  After that You will be redirected to the Blockchain Wallet Provider and Then you have to Click on Create an account Button and after that you will be redirected to another page where you have to fill your E-mail address and Password as shown in the image below.

3 –  Then You will receive a verification link from Blockchain in your E-mail and You just have to Click on the Verification Link in Order to Verify your Account.

4 – Now, You have created your web wallet and Now You Just have to share your btc address with the person who wants to pay you.

How to Start Earning Bitcoins Online ?

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There are plenty of ways to earn bitcoins online but some of them are not time-worthy and not suitable for beginners. So I Made a list of some of the Best Ways to Earn Bitcoins Online also suitable for Beginners. Here are the Best ways to earn bitcoins online :-

Bitcoin Faucets

bitcoins, bitcoin

Bitcoin Faucets are a Great Way to Earn Bitcoins Online For Free and it is suitable for Beginners also. Faucets are a Place Where you have to Complete a Small Task Such as Completing a Survey, Filling out a Captcha etc. and after the completion of the task the user will be rewarded with a small amount of bitcoins.

Each Faucet has a revisit time and Suppose if a Faucet has a revisit time of 5 Minutes then you can claim a small fraction of bitcoins every 5 minutes by visiting the faucet page every 5 minutes. Most of the Faucets also Pay a Higher rate of Referral Commission Varies from 20% to 100% and If you refer your Friends then you can make a huge amount of bitcoins only by Referring your Friends.

There are Plenty of Faucets available to claim every second But I have made a List of some best paying faucets that you can use in order to earn Bitcoins online for free. So here is the List of some best faucets :-

  1. Aliens Faucet
  2. Bonus Bitcoins
  3. Zebra Faucet
  4. Bitcoinker
  5. Wonderland Coin

Earn Bitcoins By Playing Games – 

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Most of the People want to earn money while entertaining themselves. It is an unbelievable truth that you can earn bitcoins while playing your favourite flash games online. All the games that will pay you in bitcoins are free and easy to play. There are hundreds of websites and apps that pay you to play games online. Some Websites pay you to Play games and Some websites pay you to complete levels. So Have a Look at the Best Websites that pay you to play flash games online :-

Tremor Games

Tremor Games is a best place to Find Thousands of Flash Games and Start Playing them in order to Earn Bitcoins. When you Play Games on Tremor Games then you will Start Earning Tremor Coins that you can Exchange For Various Goodies even for Bitcoins.

Cash Clamber

Cash Clamber is also a Platform Where you will get paid to Play Flash Games Online, But with a Twist. Basically, In this You have to create your own games and play them with your friends in order to win btc prizes.

Takara App

Takara is the first App that pay their users to collect bitcoins by going to different locations in their Areas. Unfortunately, Takara app is only available for iOS Devices and the developers are going to launch the Android Version in Future.

Game Faucet

Game Faucet is another Platform Similar to Tremor Games where you will get paid to Play Various Flash Games Online. There are Many Games Available Like Pirates Adventure, Bubble Shooter and Puzzles.

Satoshi Quiz

Satoshi Quiz is a Little Quiz Game Where You will get paid to answer interesting questions and there is a great mixture between the easy and tough Questions and yet will get only 1 Minute to answer a Question. If you Guess the Right answer, then you will be rewarded with some bitcoins.

Mine Your Own Bitcoins –

bitcoin mining

Bitcoin Mining is the easiest and most convenient way to earn bitcoins online. Many Professionals can earn a huge amount of bitcoins through mining. Basically, Bitcoin Mining is a Process of Solving some Mathematical Problems in Computer and the Mining works only in High end Computers Don’t Worry, If you don’t have a high end computer because yoou can rent one to use for mining. Mining is of Three Types as Follows :-

(a) Hardware Mining

Hardware Mining is a Process in which you mine bitcoins by using a Hardware Device. Basically, Now a Days Mining Hardwares are available in market, So You can easily purchase one for yourself.

(b) Software Mining

In this, You just have to join a mining pool and download a mining software in your computer and after that you have to connect the software with the mining pool. After the successful verification, your computer will start mining bitcoins for you.

(c) Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining is a Process in which you mine bitcoins by utilizing shared datacenters. In this, You don’t have to manage your own hardware in order to mine bitcoins. There are Plenty of websites available that offer cloud mining but some of them are scams. So Alwaya be Careful when choosing a Cloud Mining Platform.

Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading –

bitcoins, btc

Bitcoin Trading is another Great Way to grow your bitcoins online. Basically, Bitcoin Trading is Similar to Gambling with calculated risk, But If you are Good in Trading Bitcoin and Other Altcoins then you can make some serious cash right away. Never Try to do Trading without the proper knowledge of the risks invovled with it.

So, Gain Proper Knowledge in Trading and Start Investing your money in bitcoin and Earning Money By just spending a few minutes a day.  There are Plenty of Exchanges Where you can Start Buying and Selling of Bitcoins and Altcoins. Here is a List of Some Best Websites to Start Trading Today :-


Poloniex is a Us-Based Exchange where you can Start Trading Bitcoin & Altcoins with maximum safety and security. It is the fastest growing exchange with a monthly 30 Million Visits. It has the nicest interface for both mobile and desktop. You can Buy Some of the major altcoins without any complications on this platform.

Local Bitcoins

At LocalBitcoins, Persons From Diffrent Countries can exchange their local currencies into bitcoin. On LocalBitcoins, Users Post advertisement where they state the exchange rate and payment methods to accept payments in exchange of bitcoins. You just have to agree with the advertisement guidelines to buy bitcoins.

LocalBitcoins is slightly different from other exchange platforms because here you trade directly with the person. This makes the process so convenient and you will get your bitcoins instantly. Also LocalBitcoins Platform Supports all Payment methods, So you don’t have to worry about your preferred payment method.


Yobit is the best Altcoin Trading Platform Where you can Trade Different Altcoins. At Yobit, You can claim some free altcoins every hour to try altcoin trading and there is a investbox avaialble where you can invest your money in order to get daily interest to your Yobit account. So, Join this amazing Platform and Start Growing your Bitcoins.


That’s all! I Hope this article will help you to Start earning free bitcoins daily and if you Like this article then Please Like, Share and Subscribe my Blog! 



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